Loaded with the Libraries You Need

Anovos is built with the most popular machine learning python libraries,


Leveling Up Anovos

You want to create an ML pipeline that leads to building high performing models. Anovos brings you robust analytics, in-depth analysis and comprehensive metrics, helping you to better understand your data and feature recommendation and transformation to build more resilient models. This release also introduces a scalable data stability calculation, giving your entire team insight into which data may shift over time and impact model accuracy and performance. And a feature recommender to address the cold start problem to get you off to the right start in choosing the most stable features.

What's Next for Anovos:

  • Feature Store Integration
  • Expanded Data Ingestion
  • Attribute to Feature Mapping
  • Auto ML Tool Integration


Focused on data integrity by identifying data drift and stability and proactively indicating the potential impact on models


Built on Apache Spark and designed to handle data volumes of any size including enterprise class, distributed data sets


A comprehensive visualization of the most important data-centric statistics to help determine the best data for machine learning

Frequently asked questions

What libraries are included in Anovos?

Anovos is built with the most popular machine learning python libraries including Pandas, Boto 3 and Joblib.

Does Anovos scale?

Anovos was built by the data science team at Mobilewalla because they handle large data sets. Anovos is built to scale and easily handles 100GB of data.

Is there a public roadmap for Anovos?

Yes, you can fine a current roadmap in our Docs in the Roadmap section. If you have suggestions for what you'd like to see added or would like to help contribute to the project, visit our GitHub.

Is Anovos ready for my team to use?

While we are continuing to build on Anovos and expand its capabilities, today, Anovos can help you better understand your data by providing you with out of the box, comprehensive analytics and metrics and can help you transform your data into features that will power resilient models. Go ahead, give it a try.